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Ξυλωτηρι Osborne
Ξυλωτηρι Osborn...
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Ξυλωτήρι Osborne
Ξυλωτήρι Osborn...
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Σουβλί Osborne
Σουβλί Osborne
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Ξυλωτήρι για Συνδετήρες Osborne
Ξυλωτήρι για Συ...
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ΕΡΓΑ 4-4 Σουβλί Μεγάλο
ΕΡΓΑ 4-4 Σουβλί...
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478 Scratch awl
478 Scratch awl
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018 All purpose awl
018 All purpose...
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763 Quick staple lifter.
763 Quick stapl...
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120  Quick staple lifter
120 Quick stap...
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1205 Staple lifter removing for upper of any size stapler.
1205 Staple lif...
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601 Antique nail plier
601 Antique nai...
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787Α Side cutter - staples remover.
787Α Side cutte...
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6405 Stapler remover
6405 Stapler re...
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200Claw tool.
200Claw tool.
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201 Staple and  tack claw
201 Staple and ...
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124 Stapler remover
124 Stapler rem...
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121 Staple and tack remover
121 Staple and ...
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129 Long neck remover for upholstery nails.
129 Long neck r...
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1066 Stapler lifter
1066 Stapler li...
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761-1 Staple lifter for nails and upholstery nails.
761-1 Staple li...
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